Monday, August 04, 2008

I went to a portfolio review this weekend to show my work for this project at a gallery. It was the most motivating experience! It's the first time I presented the project to individuals who are not my parents or my closest friends (or strangers across the country who are curators at some museum). I received honest, constructive and encouraging feedback. I've also learned a bit about formatting for book publishing, the importance in the way I present my work and other things I should be thinking about as an artist. Marina and Bob are great!!!! On my way home, I created a list of things I can/should do.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's been awhile since I worked on this project or posted any updates about it. However, it's been on my mind quite a bit. Cultural identity is quite an interesting thing. As I've been traveling abroad between the fall of last year to now and for longer durations, I see the link between our origins and our cultural identities applicable to other communities. Take ex-patriots. Communities of ex-patriots are bonded by the similarities of origins, by a recognition that they, collectively, come from different experiences than the locals. Any source of similarity is like a border with two sides - you either feel comforted by it because you feel so comfortable within it or you try to get as far away from it to differentiate yourself. In that sense, being Asian American is being away from and tied to this border at the same time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I've hit the 50% milestone today!!! That means I've completed the quotes for 50% of the people I've interviewed. I have been transitioning between jobs and have taken the extra time to work furiously every day on going through the interviews and selecting the quotes. I've also been getting wonderful feedback from people - who like the quotes just as much as I do and their portraits too.

During the past 6 months, I've updated my submission materials for exhibit proposals and have researched on additional places to send proposals to. Now that I'm at the 50% completion, I'm going to start sending exhibit proposals again. It feels good to be making progress, even if measured only by the number of interviews I've completed.

As for the exhibit proposals I sent out last year, 4 museums have responded and kindly declined.....

Well, hopefully, I'll have some good news before the end of the year.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I feel great today! I mailed out packages to 6 different musuems:
  • San Jose Museum of Art
  • Chinese American Museum (LA)
  • Getty Center (LA)
  • Japanese American National Museum (LA)
  • Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
  • Museum of Contemporary Photographer (IL)

I forgot to give the packages some extra blessing with my superhero stamps but I feel pretty good about them anyway! :P

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The next phase of the project is going to require a lot more writing, real writing - not blogging, not emails. It's not my strongest point and it definitely requires much more effort for me to focus doing. Good news is....I've completed on the first draft of an exhibit proposal! I've started on my artist statement! I've made 6 packages of layouts ready to be sent to various places on my list!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well! A little update since my last post. Actually, quite a number of updates!

The drive up to Fredonia, NY on Oct 30th to meet with Aimee was crazy. It took about 8.5 hrs from NYC. Portions of the drive were met with sleet, rain, snow on a highway lit just by the headlights on my car. Seriously, I thought the road was never to end! It was all worth it though. The meeting with Aimee was wonderful and she gave me some wonderful thoughts on finding exhibit space and funding (which I haven't followed up on but I really need to).

The week after the trip I met up with Nick to photograph him and his kids for his portrait. We met up at the Play Space at Woodbridge mall. I was a little concerned about getting a good shot when I was on the way there but it worked out beautifully. His kids are beautiful and they loved the camera, which made it so much easier. As I was chatting with Nick, I found out more amazing things about him that I wish I had on tape for the interview. His talents and drive is just really amazing!

Tonight I completed the first draft of the exhibit proposal. Although I've sent a couple out before, this proposal is more formally structured. I'll let it sink in and read it a couple more times over before I send the next wave of exhibit proposal packages out.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I can't believe it's October already. There's so much to do and it's already been a year since I started this project. I have to finish writing my artist statement, do research on museums and galleries that might be interested in housing this body of work, get sample layouts done and printed so I can apply to these museums and galleries, find grants! I hope I can find at least one place to show this body of work in 2008. The places that I've contacted so far are already booked for the entire year of 2007. And then there's catching up with people whom I'm already interviewed but haven't photographed. I'm meeting with Nick tomorrow for his portrait and we interviewed back in March! I'm looking forward to his portrait though. I'm photographing him with his two bi-racial kids. I can't wait to meet them. Maybe I should bring them toys. Maybe not. I don't even know what kids like.