Monday, August 14, 2006

Why are you doing this? People have asked me and a different reason comes to my head everytime. I have a cousin in Hong Kong who is my age and we were like sisters before I moved to the States. When I made a trip to Hong Kong two years ago, I hung out with my cousin and wondered who I would've become if we had switched places and I had stayed in Hong Kong. What is it about growing up in the States that's made me who I am today? What does being Asian American mean? Why is being a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant the only legit career that our parents recognize? I'm an American when I go to China but I always get the question "what are you?" when I'm in New York, so where does that leave me? Do 2nd or 3rd generation Asian Americans have different identity issues from the immigrant or 1st generation Asian American - if any?

I've met so many interesting people and heard so many stories since I started this project. I've heard many interesting stories depicting what it means to be an Asian American and I've met many interesting Asian Americans who have become successful doing what they do best. I wish I had started this journal last October when I started this project but it's never too late!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a really interesting thing to think about actually, how if you had grown up in hong kong instead how different your life and your path would be. that picture is AMAZING and so is the project. good luck with it as you continue!

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