Saturday, September 23, 2006

Well, here I am in San Francisco. The first part of my West Coast trip. It's beautiful out here. I got up early (partly from my jetlag) and took a walk around Union Square. There was an artist fair at the square and artists were setting up. I love the creative vibe in the air. My first day though turned out slightly less than what I would call successful. When I got to the apt of the first person I was scheduled to meet, I was concerned that no one was answering the bell. Realizing that I didn't write down her phone number, I rushed to an internet cafe nearby to check for her number on an old email. (Really, thank goodness for internet cafes!) When I reached someone on the other end of the line, a sleepy voice answered, "JuAnne, who?" Well, as it turned out, because I hadn't confirmed on the meeting at her apt (and she gave me her address too), she simply thought we weren't meeting at all. Right, after I sent numerous emails to confirm her availability before I booked my flight and after I booked my flight, I really didn't care to meet. Right. To be honest, it was my oversight for not confirming the meeting location. So, I really shouldn't be complaining. Well, hope the rest of my West Coast trip goes better.


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