Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I've hit the 50% milestone today!!! That means I've completed the quotes for 50% of the people I've interviewed. I have been transitioning between jobs and have taken the extra time to work furiously every day on going through the interviews and selecting the quotes. I've also been getting wonderful feedback from people - who like the quotes just as much as I do and their portraits too.

During the past 6 months, I've updated my submission materials for exhibit proposals and have researched on additional places to send proposals to. Now that I'm at the 50% completion, I'm going to start sending exhibit proposals again. It feels good to be making progress, even if measured only by the number of interviews I've completed.

As for the exhibit proposals I sent out last year, 4 museums have responded and kindly declined.....

Well, hopefully, I'll have some good news before the end of the year.